Screech Owl Habitat

owl nesting boxScreech Owl Habitat

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The Screech Owl Habitat is designed to provide a nesting shelter.  The American Kestrel are a welcome visitor that may also use this habitat as they require the similar nesting conditions as the Screech Owl.

Place bedding of wood chips in box and clean out after each use.  To access interior of the box, remove the nail on front panel and pull up on side panel.  Mount this habitat structure 12-30 ft. above ground in a tree, pole, or building wall at forest edge or open area.

Features include 100% sustainably harvested redwood, gabled roof, exterior screws, hinged side panel as a clean-out access point, 3” hole, and nailing flange.

Dimensions: 18″x10″x10″ (Height x Width x Depth)


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